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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!  Our mobile installation and service company prides itself in quality work......whether we are installing a gas fireplace, doing service/repair on your fireplace, cleaning your home's windows or installing a tubular skylight in your home or business......you can count on A Brighter Glow to deliver great service at very affordable prices!  We can help you improve your home in unique and affordable ways that, in the long-run, will help promote safety, enjoyment and overall increased value in your home. 

Is Your Fireplace Running Safely & Efficiently?

 Call us today for a service call to make sure your gas fireplace is running safely & efficiently! Most manufacturers recommend annual service calls to clean and check your fireplace.  Service calls in the immediate Denver metro area for gas fireplaces are only $125 (outlining cities may be more).   If you have more than one fireplace serviced at the same time, the additional fireplace/s serviced are only $65 each.  A clean fireplace runs more efficiently, keeping you warmer and saving you money, preventing the furnace from running so much! 

Gas Fireplace & Gas Line Installation!

We also install gas fireplaces and gas lines for your indoor/outdoor gas fireplace and gas appliance needs!  We specialize in dealing with gas and estimates in the immediate Denver metro area are free!  Ready to add value to your home as well as save money on your furnace/heating bill each month?  Have a gas fireplace installed!  Want to update your current gas fireplace to a newer, more efficient one?  Give us a call!  Want to have a gas line installed to your gas fireplace, gas cook stove, BBQ grill or other appliance?  Call A Brighter Glow today!  303-655-9595

Now We Clean & Service BBQ Grills!

A Brighter Glow now offers a full barbecue grill service including cleaning, degreasing and detail work on all parts of your BBQ grill!  Having your BBQ cleaned and serviced will:  make it look like new, remove harmful grease, chemicals and debris, reduce grill fires and improve efficiency of your grill resulting in better and more even cooking!  We repair grills that aren't working properly or have parts that have gone out.  A BBQ service in the immediate Denver metro area is only $160!  Parts are extra.  Call A Brighter Glow today!  303.655.9595 

Residential Window Cleaning!

Our residential window cleaning season is winding down!  Call us ASAP to get your windows cleaned for an affordable price!  Call us at 303.655.9595 or visit our window cleaning page on this website for more details! 

Tubular Skylights Installed!

Ready to add some light--and value--to your home by having a tubular skylight installed?  Visit our Tubular Skylights page for more details!

We are licensed & insured
NFI Certified
Quick response time
Very affordable & competitive rates!
**No extra charge for Saturday service calls!

**Ask about our Senior & Military discounts!

Been in business since 2001 and have total of 21 years' experience!
We are accredited by the BBB!

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